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Corona Del Mar Roof Decks

corona del mar roof decks

Is your tile coated deck leaking into your house? Do you have dry rot or soft spots on your decking surface? What are your options besides getting a free and unwanted shower every time it rains?  Prestige Deck Coating specializes in waterproofing Corona Del Mar roof decks. We just finished satisfying yet another customer with […]

San Juan Capistrano Roof Deck Coatings

Door Pan_Deck Flashing

Do you have new decking construction? Will you trust your deck surface to the care of a waterproofing sealer or a waterproofing system? Prestige Deck Coating wants to be your San Juan Capistrano roof deck coatings provider! We specialize in waterproofing decks from the plywood subfloor up… San Juan Capistrano Roof Deck Coatings Flashing. This […]

San Clemente Roof Deck Coatings

Stair Tread Right

Does your decking have a 25-year-old coating that needs a full resurfacing overhaul? What is the shape of your railing? Is the condition of your fascia less than to be desired? A few weeks ago, we had just such a problematic San Clemente roof deck coatings project. San Clemente Roof Deck Coatings Upon first assessment […]

Roof Deck Repair Contractors

Rooftop Deck Coatings_moldy plywood

Roof Deck Repair. We always use the finest custom materials for your roof deck in Orange County Ca. Prestige Deck Coating inspects every roof before resurfacing and repair to make sure your deck is properly waterproofed the first time. If you are unsure if your roof deck needs repair or resurfacing, let us take a […]