Corona Del Mar Roof Decks

corona del mar roof decks Is your tile coated deck leaking into your house? Do you have dry rot or soft spots on your decking surface? What are your options besides getting a free and unwanted shower every time it rains?  Prestige Deck Coating specializes in waterproofing Corona Del Mar roof decks. We just finished satisfying yet another customer with expert deck repair and deck coating service…

Corona Del Mar Roof Decks

When your tile deck is leaking into your house, a decking analysis is not difficult to assess…

At this Corona Del Mar roof decks project, we recommended removing all tile and coating down to plywood subfloor, and then installing our 5 layer waterproofing membrane system over entire surface.

corona del mar roof decks_rusted post

post welding-before

Dry Rot Removal. To fully determine the extent of the subfloor damage, we had to remove the existing deck coatings. We removed all tile, mortar, and existing coating from existing surface. The prognosis was not thrilling. The whole plywood subfloor was trashed. This dry rot repair would be extensive. We had to remove all the existing deteriorating plywood and re-installed 3/4 inch plywood sheeting across the deck surface.

The water damage had actually seeped in the structural level, so we attacked this Corona Del Mar roof decks issue head on!

-We first reinforced the joists with 2×8 lumber and blocked the rim around joist.
-We sprayed for termites.
-We then tied in to existing door pans on two doors.

Rust Removal. Due to the extent of the water damage to the subfloor, the flashing was rusted out and needed to be replaced. This meant removing the stucco in order to access the unusable diato/combo metal underneath. We removed the stucco in order to prepare for diato installation. We also had to remove stucco around the deck perimeter, and then installed new galvanized L metal flashing. Finally, we patched the stucco.

corona del mar roof decks_post welding

post welding-after!

Along with installing all new flashing, we also had to replace the base plates on the railing posts. We welded five base plates on the railing in order to secure a waterproof perimeter. What a project! This Corona Del Mar roof decks project was no match for the creative and technical skills of Prestige Deck Coating!

After all that, we were finally able to get to installing our 5 layer deck waterproofing system! You may have heard of Dex O Tex, Versa Deck, or Life Coat. We are certified installers of Desert Brand products. We offer a 10 year warranty, so you rest secure in knowing that any relevant issues that might arise are covered. Your Corona Del Mar roof decks are in good hands with Prestige Deck Coating. Call us today to receive your free on site consultation.

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