San Juan Capistrano Roof Deck Coatings

Do you have new decking construction? Will you trust your deck surface to the care of a waterproofing sealer or a waterproofing system? Prestige Deck Coating wants to be your San Juan Capistrano roof deck coatings provider! We specialize in waterproofing decks from the plywood subfloor up…

SanJuan Capistrano Roof Deck Coatings

Mission in San Juan

San Juan Capistrano Roof Deck Coatings

Flashing. This decking project was not near the ocean, so we used bonderized flashing when installing the metal. In addition, it had a combination of enclosed wall and open railing. So, it called for two kinds of flashing. First, we installed diato/combo metal along the deck to wall transition incorporating the stucco screed. This is to make sure the wall would be prepared for stucco when we finished. Two, drip edge flashing was installed along the perimeter of the deck. Next we installed 2 two-piece door pans underneath the slider doors.

Door Pan_San Juan Capistrano Roof Deck Coatings

Door Pan

Our San Juan Capistrano roof deck coatings have perimeters that are securely installed!

We then installed The Crete Decking System. This is a multi-layer waterproofing membrane designed for use over plywood subfloors.

The basic scope of the work included:

-Stapling down 2.5 galvanized metal diamond lathe
-Troweling down cementitious base coat with a specialized polymer additive.
-Laminating using fiberglass matting and acrylic resin (Bonder 480). This layer sets us apart from many other San Juan Capistrano roof deck coatings installers.
-Troweling down an additional layer of our cementitious base coat
-Spraying your choice of smooth, orange peel, or knockdown texture to achieve an anti-slip grip.
-Sealing the deck using fortified concrete paint sealer

Our San Juan Capistrano roof deck coatings warranty covers any leaks in the deck for the first 5 years and atSan Juan Capsitrano Roof Deck Coatings_ Paint the 5 year mark you have the option to re-contract Prestige Deck Coating Inc. to return to re-seal and perform any maintenance that may be needed. After the maintenance and inspection customer will have an additional 5 year warranty (5 + 5 = 10 year).

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