San Clemente Roof Deck Coatings

San Clemente roof deck coatingsDoes your decking have a 25-year-old coating that needs a full resurfacing overhaul? What is the shape of your railing? Is the condition of your fascia less than to be desired? A few weeks ago, we had just such a problematic San Clemente roof deck coatings project.

San Clemente Roof Deck Coatings

Upon first assessment of this deck, we quickly realized that we needed to remove all the deck coating down to plywood, and to install our Crete waterproofing system. The front 1.5 feet of plywood needed to be removed in order to remove existing coating, posts and re-sheet plywood.

Deck Repairs. We first had to remove all existing deck material which was delaminating, down to the plywood. We then performed a specialized plywood repair. We removed 21 square ft of plywood, removed existing 4×4 posts, and then installed new 3/4 inch plywood and new posts. This was only the first part of this San Clemente roof deck coatings project!

Fascia Replacement. The fascia mounted railing was in dire need of repair. Below is a step by step process of fascia replacement.San Clemente roof deck coatings_fasciarailing
-We removed and replaced 15 linear ft of fascia
-We reinforced the fascia with blocking behind fascia
-We removed the stucco around where the fascia met the wall, then patched the stucco.

We then slightly alter the design of this San Clemente roof deck coatings project.
-Instead of each side of the fascia coming in at 45 degree angle, we made the deck come in at 90 degree angle all around, making it flush with the existing fascia. Mission complete!

Flashing Installation. For this San Clemente deck coatings project, we had to install 3 kinds of flashing. In conjunction with stucco removal and repair, we installed 10 linear ft of diato metal flush with the retaining wall. Next, 15 linear ft of drip edge flashing was installed along the perimeter of the deck. Last, we had to remove and re-install 2 existing French doors in order to access the metal door pan flashing.

Crete System. This was our last step in assuring that this San Clemente roof deck coatings project was a success. The 5 layer waterproofing membrane has served us well over the years. This time was no exception.

San Clemente roof deck coatings_diato metal

diato metal flashing

Prestige San Clemente roof deck coatings is your premier decking contractor in all of Orange County and beyond! Don’t hesitate to call us today and welcome the rain!

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