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Waterproofing Roof Decks_LatheWaterproofing Roof Decks

Roof Decks. Who is the #1 deck coating company in Southern California? Well, take a look and see, I suggest…

Our 5-layer coating system will out last any other roof decks coating.

Each and every deck is unique, which means each decking can have different types of problems, and our deck specialists can find the problem and solve it. Most of our decking experts have between 20-30 years experience in the deck waterproofing industry. If your deck surface is leaking, we take the time to find out why, then we repair and resurface accordingly. Our skilled deck specialists will find out why your deck is leaking and what the solution is to fix it.

Keep a Lid on It! Why hire a company that does not specialize in deck coating? Other cut-rate companies might promise unbeatable prices, but youWaterproofing Roof Decks_after could end up with an improper installation of your deck. We all know how hot Southern California can get in the summertime. The strong summer heat can cause cracking and bubbling on Roof Decks, absorbing rain and water when the winter comes. We make sure to re-coat your Roof Decks properly, from the ground up, using materials that can handle the ruthless heat and also protect against the rain. Along with a superior deck waterproofing system, we offer 2 different types of anti-slip grip texture. In addition, you have your choice of 16 varieties of specialized deck paint sealer combinations. This will make certain that your roof deck coatings will match your home or business area.

It doesn’t matter if your current decking is concrete, elastomeric, or urethane, because we can usually repair and resurface over it. Prestige Deck Coating in Orange County Ca will get it done right the first time, so you can rest assured about your roof decks. With the proper maintenance, your deck waterproofing can last 10 or more years. This is due to the fact that we emphasize proper installation.

Waterproofing roof Decks_flashing up closeProducts come and go, but waterproofing roof decks involve securing the perimeter with careful attention to detail.

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