Crushing Concrete Deck Resurfacing

Capable of crushing concrete deck resurfacing foes with a single swipe of the trowel, Prestige Deck Coating is the Sunshine Superman of your deck dreams!

Concrete Deck Resurfacing_SupermanConcrete is heavy-duty stuff, a formidable foe when it cracks, raises, or acts up in any other way. If your concrete deck surface is giving you grief, no need to worry. Prestige Deck Coating Company is an expert at crushing concrete deck resurfacing rebellion! Unruly stairways, balconies, roof tops, pools, or walkways are no match for our overpowering deck repair, deck coating, and deck waterproofing mastery! We recently crushed one such uprising in La Mirada

Concrete Deck Resurfacing

We made the trek up to Biola University to reinforce one of the school’s busy walkways. They requested that we install a waterproof seal up to the walls along the walkway.

Sloping Supremacy. There was ponding on the walkway, so we showed it who is boss. Prestige Deck Coating often performs jobConcrete Deck Resurfacing_Biola specific sloping to insure proper deck drainage.

Metal Mastery. To encourage proper draining we installed a scupper drain. This is a hybrid between a deck drain and drip edge deck flashing. For walkways with walls on either side, we can slope toward the walls, and any water flows out the scupper drains.

Ponding often leads to rust. Such was the case with the existing L metal flashing. We replaced it to crush any future opposition to our realm of comfortable dryness!

Crushing Concrete Deck Resurfacing with the Flex System.

For existing deck coatings with concrete surfaces, we install our Flex System. The is a modification of our Crete Decking System. Simply put, here is how we crush it:

-Apply a coating of our polymer modified concrete
-Lay down fiberglass matting and seal with bonder
-Spray a texture coating of your choice
-Seal with a color choice that appeals

superman_concreteCombining a three-year warranty with the capability to crush all concrete deck resurfacing problems, Prestige Deck Coating is your go to solution for any residential or commercial deck waterproofing issue.

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