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Crushing Concrete Deck Resurfacing

Concrete Deck Resurfacing_Superman

Capable of crushing concrete deck resurfacing foes with a single swipe of the trowel, Prestige Deck Coating is the Sunshine Superman of your deck dreams! Concrete is heavy-duty stuff, a formidable foe when it cracks, raises, or acts up in any other way. If your concrete deck surface is giving you grief, no need to […]

Lake Forest Deck Coating Companies

Lake Forest Deck Coating Companies_King

Lake Forest is a typical Orange County city with its hot summers and wet winters. Over time, this combination of extreme weather patterns can be lethal to your deck coating. Cracking, chipping, flaking, dry rot, and leaking are all signs of the need for deck repair. There are many Lake Forest deck coating companies to […]

Newport Beach Roof Deck Coating

Newport Beach roof deck coating_chimney flashing

Do you have a Newport Beach roof deck coating that is in need of an overhaul? Is there a leak or dry rot evident? Is the flashing rusty or deteriorating? Don’t fret, Prestige Deck Coating has just the solution for your deck waterproofing needs… Newport Beach Roof Deck Coating Prestige Deck Coating recently traveled to […]

Laguna Niguel Deck Repair

Laguna Niguel Deck repair_view

Laguna Niguel Deck Repair Recently the Prestige crew headed out for a Laguna Niguel Deck Repair. The existing deck had been partially reconstructed in order to add sloping producing proper water flow. We installed our 5 layer waterproofng membrane over entire deck, which facilitated the need to fill certain low spot areas. Flashy flashing. In […]