Deck Flashing Frenzy!

If you have a new deck that needs waterproofing, it is going to be a deck flashing frenzy!

frenzy_sharksThere are all sorts of metal flashing necessary to equip your decking with the proper watertight seal. Of course, this depends on exactly what your specific needs are. Prestige Deck Coating is committed to providing personalized deck repair care!

Deck Flashing Frenzy!

Let me give you a run down on some of the main types of deck flashing and their uses.

Stainless Steel Drip Edge

drip edge

Drip Edge. The name is self-explanatory. It is located around the perimeter’s edge and it allows the water to drip off your deck! This is used when the deck has at least one open side. It has a lip on the drip side, in order to keep the water off the fascia board.

L Metal

L metal

L Metal. Again, this deck flashing is self-descriptive. It is usually placed up against walls. It fits snugly on the deck to wall transition. It keeps the water out of your cracks.

Diato/Combo. As a substitute for L metal, where there are stucco walls. The stucco lies on the top part of the deck flashing, to give you a flush look.

Door Pans. These protect your door threshold from any water seepage. At Prestige Deck Coating, we build custom pans to suit your particular needs!

diato metal


Whatever your specific need, our deck repair experts are on top of it! With Prestige Deck Coating, you can be sure it will be a decking frenzy, resulting in a waterproof balcony, stairway, walkway, patio, or roof deck.

Door Pan_Deck Flashing

door pan

We offer free estimates and our foreman have up to 40 years experience in the deck waterproofing industry! Call us today and see how committed we are to maintain metal mastery for all of your deck flashing needs and beyond!

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