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Crushing Concrete Deck Resurfacing

Concrete Deck Resurfacing_Superman

Capable of crushing concrete deck resurfacing foes with a single swipe of the trowel, Prestige Deck Coating is the Sunshine Superman of your deck dreams! Concrete is heavy-duty stuff, a formidable foe when it cracks, raises, or acts up in any other way. If your concrete deck surface is giving you grief, no need to […]

Stairways, Balconies, & Walkways- Oh My!

Whether your walkway, stairway, or exterior flooring is leaking, cracking, not draining properly, or simply needs resurfacing, Prestige Deck Coating in Orange County Ca  has you covered. All walkways are carefully examined to eliminate the problem at the source, with a 5-layer waterproof decking system unlike any other deck coating company. Each coating has a […]

Waterproofing Walkways

Waterproofing Walkways Prestige Deck Coating is the most trusted company for Orange County Ca waterproofing walkways deck coating (see “Recent Testimonials” to the right). Our waterproofing walkways experts have close to 30 years experience in waterproofing walkways and deck restoration. With knowledge and skill like ours, you know your deck will be resurfaced as it […]