Resurfacing Concrete

Whether you have cracked, faded, or overly worn concrete, Prestige Deck Coating, Inc. are experts at resurfacing concrete. We can restore nearly any cementitious integrated surface. We have a large variety of textures and colors to choose from. Our deck specialists can resurface your pool deck, patio deck, walkway, stairway, or driveway. Because pool deck concrete can get slippery and dangerous, try our slip resistant coatings.

resurfacing concrete beforeafter resurfacing concrete

Resurfacing Concrete. . . 

Resurfacing concrete will not only make your deck safe and helps to regulate the temperature on hot days, but adds aesthetic flair. Prestige is your complete resurfacing solution!

A brief run down of our system is in order:

1) We fix any cracks with a crack chaser grinder bit, which cuts a “V” into each crack

2) Next, we fill the cracks using a two-part epoxy solution in order to waterproof and level the surface

3) Polymer modified concrete is then troweled across the entire deck surface for strength and flexibility insurance

4) Applied penultimately is a texture coat of cementitious material, in order to create an aesthetically pleasing decorative feel and anti-slip tread

5) Lastly, your deck is resurfaced with a two coats of epoxy fortified sealer

As you can see below, there is a drastic difference between before and after!

Pool Deck Resurfacing FullertonFor us, resurfacing concrete is not simply an exercise in functionality.

We believe a watertight surface need not be wedded to an ugly bride! Aesthetics are fundamental to humanity and thus we value the objective beauty as a complement to our resurfacing process.

Call us today for a free and friendly estimate. We are excited to see how we can solve all of your decking needs. Our specialists have over well over 30 years of combined experience in deck resurfacing and concrete restoration. you can walk in style and safety after Prestige Deck Coating gets the job done!

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