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Pool Waterproofing Membrane

Pool Waterproofing Membrane _ detail

Prestige Deck Coating can restore your old pool waterproofing membrane, or even install new one! You may be asking what a waterproofing membrane even is. I wrote in detail about it here. Whether you have a home pool, HOA community pool, or a commercial “splash zone,” we have the right system for you. Pool Waterproofing […]

What Is A Waterproofing Membrane?

deck fiberglass waterproofing

What is a membrane? It can be defined as: a thin pliable sheet or skin of various kinds. As in, “the concrete should include a membrane to prevent water seepage.” This is exactly what Prestige Deck Coating specializes in. Waterproofing decks is an artistic science. You need the right materials and a experienced feel to properly seal […]