Waterproofing Membrane System

Is your deck rotting? Perhaps, you have a deck coating that is peeling, soft, or punctured? Or, do you want a new look for your patio deck, pool deck, roof deck, balcony deck, walkway, or stairs? Our deck waterproofing waterproofing membrane system _ dry rotmembrane system could be your solution! Prestige Deck Coating specializes in waterproof decking solutions for homes and offices. To waterproof your decking, right materials and an experienced company are crucial. No worries, you needn’t install a new deck or keep coating it with clear sealer every year.

Waterproofing Membrane System


waterproofing membrane_diagram

We have developed our own 5 layer waterproofing membrane system, utilizing the diagram above.

Layer 1. First, we secure your plywood deck sub-floor with flexible metal lathe. Optionally, we can lay down our system on top of eligible concrete coated decks. Our polymer modified concrete is super strong. It is also waterproof.   

waterproofing membrane system _ lathe

Layer 2. Immediately after drying, we lay down fiberglass matting. Imagine surfboards and boat sides. With added resin, this insures a fully waterproof surface.

Layer 3. As if that wasn’t enough, we add a second layer of waterproof polymer modified concrete. This gives it a “sandwich” feel. The result is, the fiberglass is protected and the whole waterproofing membrane system is strengthened.

Layer 4. Everyone knows, a slippery decking system is no bueno. Nor, is it attractive. Don’t worry, you choose the finish layer texture. Consequently, you get both a safe and beautiful waterproofing membrane system. Lastly, we spray on a custom pattern with waterproof concrete. 

Layer 5. As if four layers of waterproof materials wasn’t sufficient – we add a fifth. Like the texture finish, this is your choice. Thankfully, we have many colors to chose from. Go fresh, get funky if you want. Two powerfully waterproof coats of concrete fortified paint. Boom, this deal is sealed. Just count to five and see the difference a waterproofing membrane system can bring!  

We have been developing our custom waterproofing membrane system since 2009.

Our supervisors have at least 30+ years of experience in the deck repair and waterproofing industry. Not only that, but we use professional grade, eco-friendly products. Offering 16 choices of color, you are the boss.

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