Pool Waterproofing Membrane

Prestige Deck Coating can restore your old pool waterproofing membrane, or even install new one! You may be asking what a waterproofing membrane even is. I wrote in detail about it here. Whether you have a home pool, HOA community pool, or a commercial “splash zone,” we have the right system for you.

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Pool Waterproofing Membrane

We have developed our own pool waterproofing membrane system. Its five-step application process is as follows:

  1. Repair. Many pools we see have deck damage. Whether cracks, bumps, or decay, we can help. Using a “V-cut” grinder, we level the surface. Then, we apply our epoxy bonder in the crack, in order to make the surface watertight, flexible, and strong. 
  2. Waterproofing. What makes us a cut above many companies, is our use of fiberglass. Next in the process, we apply fiberglass matting with a specially formulated bonder. This produces a waterproof surface. Also, it protects the previous crack repair.
  3. Strength. To ensure a strong, safe walking surface, we next use a concrete layer. Our polymer modified concrete is professionally grade. Additionally, it covers and protects the fiberglass.
  4. Texture. We spray on another coat of concrete as texture. This serves two purposes. One, it creates an anti-slip, grippy surface. Two, with your choice of texture pattern, you have a beauty surface to enjoy. A safe and sophisticated pool waterproofing membrane. 
  5. Paint. Finally, we enhance the aesthetics and keep a cool surface. This is achieved with two coats of pigmented concrete/masonry floor paint and sealer.

Pool Waterproofing MembraneWe have been developing our custom pool waterproofing membrane system since 2009.

Our supervisors have at least 40+ years of experience in the pool deck waterproofing industry. We use professional grade, eco-friendly products. We offer 16 choices of color.

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