Santa Ana Balcony Deck Resurfacing

Do you live in a hot, dry, crowded city? Most of us in Orange County do for at least some of the year. These factors and more can cause damage to your balcony deck. We at Prestige Deck Coating ran into just such a problem recently on a Santa Ana balcony deck resurfacing project. See the video below for a similar project.

Santa Ana Balcony Deck Resurfacing

The existing balcony had a tile float and flashing, which needed to be removed. We also removed the paint. This concrete removal stage allowed us to access the sub-floor, which had some deteriorating plywood sheeting. We performed the dry-rot repair and then moved to the flashing installation. This was one Santa Ana balcony deck resurfacing project that needed tender care!

Special Service.

-The stucco had already been removed. So we installed new paper, lath, scratch, brown and finishing coat along the deck perimeter.

-We had to install a sloping cricket, which diverts water into the drains.

-The customer had an extra balcony deck that was in better shape, so we only had to clean and reseal it.

-Our customer wanted a custom color to give their deck extra aesthetic appeal. Not a problem for

Santa Ana Balcony Deck Resurfacing_Scupper

Scupper Wall Drain

the Santa Ana balcony deck resurfacing team at Prestige Deck Coating!

Sending the Water Down the Drain! Our last two prep steps involved metal installation. Because the deck was surrounded by stucco walls, it called for diato metal flashing. This was installed along the deck to wall transition, incorporating the stucco screed. This was to make sure the wall was ready for stucco when we finished. As is common with some stucco walled decks, there are scupper drains. Scupper drains are inserts into the bottom of the wall that allow water to drain off the edge of this Santa Ana balcony deck resurfacing.

Santa Ana Balcony Deck Resurfacing System. We were then prepared to install our second-to-none Crete deck coating system. For those of you not familiar with our waterproofing system here is a breakdown:

It a multi-layer waterproofing membrane designed for use over plywood subfloors.

-Staple down 2.5 galvanized metal diamond lathe
-Trowel down cementitious base coat with a Desert Brand polymer additive.
-Laminate using fiberglass matting & Desert Brand acrylic resin (Bonder 480)
-Trowel down an additional layer of our cementitious base coat
-Spray texture (Smooth/Knockdown/Orangepeel)
-Seal using fortified concrete paint

We offer a conditional 10 year warranty when installing our Crete Decking system. I am sure this Santa Ana balcony deck resurfacing customer feels secure, knowing that their deck will have many years of enjoyable, water free usage!

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