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Grade A Balcony Deck

Grade A+ balcony deck

At Prestige Deck Coating, we provide grade A balcony deck coatings and more. Many apartment and condominiums come with a balcony deck. For some, it becomes another place for storage. For others, a make shift garden. Still others, it is where the grilling gets done. No matter how you use your balcony deck, it needs to […]

Santa Ana Balcony Deck Resurfacing

Do you live in a hot, dry, crowded city? Most of us in Orange County do for at least some of the year. These factors and more can cause damage to your balcony deck. We at Prestige Deck Coating ran into just such a problem recently on a Santa Ana balcony deck resurfacing project. See […]

Balcony Deck Repair Corona

Balcony Deck Roof Repair

Prestige Deck Coating services Riverside County! We recently took on a balcony deck repair Corona project. Balcony Deck Repair Corona This balcony deck repair Corona was a hefty task. Deck Analysis. Upon opening this deck coating pervasive damage was detected. The flashing was corroded beyond repair. This meant we would have to remove a portion […]

Balcony Waterproofing Level One- What is it?


Balcony Waterproofing  Just what is balcony waterproofing? Balcony waterproofing is actually better described as balcony deck waterproofing. If your balcony deck needs a partial or full waterproof repair and/or resurfacing, give Prestige Deck Coating a call! Balcony waterproofing will keep your deck and below dry! Imagine you have a custom home deck on the waterline, […]