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5 layer deck waterproofing system

Waterproof Deck Resurfacing

large deck waterproofing

Do any of these statements ring your waterproof deck resurfacing bell? Main deck is deteriorating. Stairs and landing are not as damaged, but need to be waterproofed. There is dry rot around drain, but the rest of the deck appears to be in good shape structurally. Existing deck drain is ill-suited for proper drainage. Prestige […]

Resurfacing Decks Rialto

Resurfacing Decks_subfloor

Prestige Deck Coating services San Bernardino! We recently headed up and out to Rialto to bring an unhealthy deck reconstruction up to code. Resurfacing Decks is our specialty. The contractor needed a quick solution and turn around time. Through constant communication and relevant site updates, we exhibited our flexibility and customer care! We are a […]

San Juan Capistrano Deck Waterproofing

drip edge up close

Prestige Deck Coating is on a San Juan Capistrano deck waterproofing mission! At the same time our fledgling country was declaring their independence, the Spanish were planting missions on the opposite side of what would be the United States of America. One such mission was founded in the same year of country’s origin. It is […]

Deck Paint Rancho Santa Margarita

deck paint_door removal

There are basically two options with regard to the look of your deck. You can go with the rustic wood look, constantly applying clear sealer to prevent water damage and deterioration. Sounds daunting? There is another way. You can have a lively, waterproofed deck coating with your color choice of deck paint. You can have […]

Deck Flashing Repair Dana Point

Deck Flashing Repair_sloping

Ah, delightful Dana Point! Located on the riveting Riviera of the Orange County coastline, this is a gem on the west coast garden of oceanic opulence. One would think that this diver’s destination would be immune from water issues on land! Not so, in fact the proximity to the ocean brings devious dangers of their […]