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Costa Mesa means “coastal table” in Spanish. This city may be a “table by the sea,” but it can get hot. This means heat and exposure damage to deck coatings. What you need is a cool deck coating for the scorching summers. Enter Prestige Deck Coating. We are a local, experienced, professional deck repair company that installs matchless deck waterproofing systems. If you want a cool deck surface to enjoy at any time of the day, we are happy to help!

Cool Deck

Our deck coatings are not only cool temperature wise, but aesthetically pleasing! Isn’t that one of the selling points of Orange County, multi-faceted beauty?

Costa Mesa_cool deck

The “coastal table”

We make sure everything is covered, literally! We do deck waterproofing, we do deck repair, we do deck flashing, we do deck coating, we do deck paint. Unlike a kitchen table, that you want to be flat, our decks need to be uneven.

One of our recent jobs in Costa Mesa required just such a tweak to make it a truly cool deck.

Deck Flashing. Ponding water on this decking surface had caused deck flashing damage, so we first had to install copper L metal flashing to make the perimeter watertight. Copper was used because of the deteriorating effects of salty ocean air.

Sloping. The ponding problem also called for a sloping solution. We had to install a sloping “cricket” to divert water off of the deck. This two sided “V” shaped sloping procedure uses a high point to divert water away from a central troubled ponding spot. Typically decks are built with adequate sloping, but in certain cases ponding requires us to make your deck even more uneven. Don’t try this on your kitchen table!

cool deck_ponding


The deck was then ready for our Crete Decking System. This 5 layer waterproofing membrane is designed to enhance the functionality of a properly sloped deck.

From deck flashing to deck paint, you will get a cool deck with Prestige Deck Coating! We use superior products, have the best installers in the business, and value our customers needs. Put free estimates and a 10 year warranty on the table, and you have got yourself one cool deck coating company!

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