San Juan Capistrano Deck Waterproofing

Prestige Deck Coating is on a San Juan Capistrano deck waterproofing mission! At the same time our fledgling country was declaring their independence, the Spanish were planting missions on the opposite side of what would be the United States of America. One such mission was founded in the same year of country’s origin. It is not only swallows that flock to San Juan Capistrano each year. Tourists descend on the sunny beaches near this historic landmark. It is not only people and animals that make their residence here, though. There are even more sinister visitors…

san juan deck waterproofing_mission wall

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Extremes in weather are permanent fixtures in this semi desert region. No wonder the early inhabitants developed adobe houses to match the extreme conditions. The decking surfaces take a beating as well. Cracking, chipping, flaking, delamination, dry rot, leaking and other climate conditioned factors, prove destructive to deck coatings. Prestige Deck Coating is your friendly neighborhood solution to all of your San Juan Capistrano deck waterproofing needs!

San Juan Capistrano Deck Waterproofing

san juan capistrano deck waterproofing_open decking

example of a drip edge/diato deck coating

One of our recent customers has a newly constructed deck that needed our services.

Deck Flashing. Because the corners of a decking project are crucial in ensuring a waterproof seal, we started with expert deck flashing installation. This deck butted up against the house and had three open sides. This called for two types of metal flashing. Diato, or Combo metal, was installed along the deck to wall transition, incorporating the stucco screed. This means a seamless blending of deck flashing and wall, that is fully waterproofed!

san juan capistrano deck waterproofing_drip edge up close

drip edge up close

We next laid down the drip edge flashing around the deck’s perimeter. This kind of flashing allows for the excess water to sheet off the deck, eliminating ponding. We use this flashing when there are no deck drains to remove water accumulated on the deck.

As this was a new construction, we needed to secure the whole perimeter from water intrusion. So we installed a door pan under the door threshold.

San Juan Capistrano Deck Waterproofing System. After flashing prep, we installed our Crete Decking System. This 5 layer deck resurfacing membrane is designed specifically to be applied over plywood deck sub-floors.

At Prestige Deck Coating, San Juan Capistrano Deck Waterproofing is our mission! We have deck coatings foremen with up to 40 years of experience in the industry. Free estimates and a 10 year warranty round out our excellent service!

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