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Get a cool pool deck for the summer heat!

Who would have thought Glenn Frey’s one hit wonder, “the heat is on” would ring true in the world of deck coating! With Prestige Deck Coating, you can get a cool pool deck for the summer heat. Cool Pool Deck The heat is on, it’s on the street…and your deck! You want to be prepared […]

Pool Deck Devastation!

san marcos pool deck resurfacing

San Marcos Ca is known for its super hot, dry summers. As you might imagine, this can wreck havoc on pool decks. Concrete surfaces and expansion joints can be thoroughly damaged after years of this punishing climate. You do not have to simply wait until your pool deck surface deteriorates away. A quality solution exists. […]

Pool Decking Disaster

pool decking-final

Attention all pool owners! Have you let your pool decking go south? Is the surface slippery? Does it burn your feet on a hot day? Are there cracks, chips, foundational shifting, stains, rust, or others signs of wear and tear? Do you have a pool decking disaster ready to explode!? Prestige Deck Coating can help… […]

Aliso Viejo Pool Deck Resurfacing

Aliso Viejo Pool Deck Resurfacing Summer is coming up and right now is the best time for Aliso Viejo pool deck resurfacing. Prestige Aliso Viejo Pool Deck Resurfacing is the top licensed expert for deck repair and deck waterproofing. We use only the finest materials along with skilled craftsmanship. We believe in hard work and […]

Laguna Niguel Pool Deck Resurfacing

Laguna Niguel Pool Deck Resurfacing Is your pool deck damaged or leaking and in need of resurfacing? Prestige Deck Coating and Laguna Niguel Pool Deck Resurfacing wants to be your solution! We can install directly over most types of concrete flooring making your pool deck look new again, without having to remove the existing concrete. Having slick […]