Get a cool pool deck for the summer heat!

Who would have thought Glenn Frey’s one hit wonder, “the heat is on” would ring true in the world of deck coating! With Prestige Deck Coating, you can get a cool pool deck for the summer heat.

Cool Pool Deck

pool decking disasterThe heat is on, it’s on the street…and your deck! You want to be prepared for your summer pool parties. You do not want to burn the feet of your kids or neighbors or friends (“it’s burnin’ burnin’ burnin”). You definitely do not want a cracked noggin’ due to a slippery pool deck. You do not want to be embarrassed by cracked concrete or outdated design. “That’s the chance you take, when the heat is on!” Prestige Decking can help. We specialize in pool deck resurfacing.

A cool pool deck should be prestigious. It should be both functional and beautiful. We are talking about temperature and style.

The heat is off. With our customized pool deck resurfacing system, you can have a cool pool deck surface no matter what the temperature. Our sealer’s chemical makeup adds slip resistance and resists “hot tire pickup.” In other words, our two coats of waterproof paint are designed with traction and adhesion in mind. You get watertight safety. Your pool party is destined for success!

Stylin’ summer. Prestige can make your drab, cracked, or porous pool decking shine! There are 12 stylish color options and your choice of texture. Our knock down concrete coating can be more or less grippy to suit your desired look and feel. We can work around pre-existing brick work or give your pool deck resurfacing project a whole new look. We are all about collaboration to suit your specific goals. I can hear your friends saying, “what a cool pool deck!” We agree, it’s chill…

cool pool deck after

With Prestige Deck Coating on the scene, the heat is off. The only thing burnin’ burnin’ burnin’ is the new stainless steel grill. Flip your steaks and take off your shoes. Cool off in the pool and when walking around on your new cool pool deck ūüôā

Check out some of our cool pool decks!

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