O.C. Deck Waterproofing

Concerned about the spring rains? Worried about summer storms? Is your decking starting to show signs of wear? Do you have dry-rot, rust, or a soft spot on your decking? Perhaps, you simply want to upgrade your wood decking for something more permanent? Prestige Deck Coating is your O.C. deck waterproofing solution for any need!

O.C. Deck Coating – The What

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So, just what is deck waterproofing anyway? Thankfully, there are many good systems available. After research, experimentation, and on-the-job application of different methods – we chose to adapt the Desert Crete philosophy to O.C. deck waterproofing, deck coating, and pool deck resurfacing projects. Truly, we have customized these professionally lauded products and methodologies.

Our “Crete” systems are 6 level/5 layer fully impervious waterproofing systems for over wood or concrete.

The How

These are your 6 easy steps to having a successful O.C. deck waterproofing experience:

Prep – Repair and restructure. If you have holes, soft spots, rust or other water damage, the first step is to build a solid foundation. With versatility, we do everything from drain and flashing repair/installation to full plywood re-sheeting. Once the structure base is secure, we are ready to lay down our system.

O.C. deck waterproofing _ lathe
Laying Down Lathe
  1. Metal Lathe. Next, we securely staple down metal lathe to accomplish two things. One, a strong base. Two, for flexibility. The lathe bonds the concrete and bolsters the springiness.
  2. Concrete. Using polymer modified concrete as our base layer, you get double security. Like the lathe, it is strong and flexible. It especially gives a solid core to apply the further layers.
  3. Fiberglass. This is the key layer. Fiberglass insures that your O.C. deck waterproofing project will be sealed from all leakage. Both bonder resin and mesh fiberglass are applied to seal the deal.
  4. Concrete 2. Sandwiching the fiberglass to add a layer of strength, we apply another skim coat of polymer modified concrete. As would be expected, this O.C. Deck waterproofing system is rock solid.
  5. Texture. For grip and aesthetics, we pray on a last layer of polymer modified concrete. Optionally, you can choose your preference of style.
  6. Paint Sealer. The lat step is the most gorgeous. Choose from 16 color choices to enhance the beauty of your new O.C. deck waterproofing masterpiece. Twice applied, this is concrete fortified paint sealer is waterproof as well!

The Why

O.C. Deck Waterproofing _our promise
A robot you can trust!

Prestige Decking has on site managers with over 40 years of experience in the decking industry. As you will see, we know our stuff. Using industry standard materials and methods, we deliver. Try our eco-friendly products, and ask about our 10 year warranty options. Get your O.C. deck waterproofing solution today!

Check out this recent praise of Prestige Decking:

“I’m a general contractor with deadlines and other trades lined up after my decks are done. Josh and crew have stepped up and accommodated my moving target schedules keeping my jobs moving along. He shows up when he says and rolled with the extensive rain punches we all had to deal with this recent wet winter. I would highly recommend him and his crew to fellow contractors and homeowners alike.”

–Yelp Review (May 5, 2019)

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