Part 2-Deck Coating Process


Let’s continue to dive into the deck coating process…

Deck Coating Process. Last time we started to discuss the Prestige 5-layer deck coating process, with our rationale and helpful summary of the cement base coat and fiberglass steps. Let’s continue with layer 3 of the waterproofing process…

Part 2-Deck Coating Process_Orange County CaSkim Coat-Layer 3. Once the fiberglass layer has slow dried for maximum impenetrability (just like the boast of our friends who make us quality surfboards); we are ready to apply layer three: the cement skim coat. The skim layer serves much the same purpose as the initial cement layer, but it is only half the material as layer 1. Everyone wants an even and flat surface on their deck, so we seal the fiberglass layer with the double strength of two “sandwiching” cement layers.

Texture-Layer 4. When we say we “Everyone wants an even and flat surface,” we by no means are referring to a slippery top! Water + smooth deck = slipping = potential for injury. Not good. The team at Prestige has a balanced goal of waterproof walkway, aesthetic appeal, and safe stepping.Part 2-Deck Coating Process_Flashing

So, before the deck is painted, we apply another cement layer! This produces both an attractive pattern and doubles as a slip deterrent. This is where the experience and creativity of our team is again utilized, as we insure full coverage and artistic flair. Our system is even and flat textured, but never smooth.

Paint-Layer 5. At Prestige, we realize that the most important step in this process is the finished product. All of the work that goes underneath this last layer will never be seen, so we take great pains to offer a variety of custom colors that will match your surrounding home environment. Function and flair are always in the forefront of our minds! Functionally, this layer gives the project a final watertight seal. Your choice of custom color adds a personal touch of aesthetic appeal to your home and our service.

Part 2-Deck Coating Process PaintPrestige wants your coating to last! Prestige wants your deck dry! Prestige wants your deck beautiful! From the double reinforced foundation to our 5-layer system, you can expect a superior product and service from Prestige, The Orange County Ca premier choice for all your deck coating process and waterproofing needs!

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