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Waterproofing Walkways

Waterproofing Walkways Prestige Deck Coating is the most trusted company for Orange County Ca waterproofing walkways deck coating (see “Recent Testimonials” to the right). Our waterproofing walkways experts have close to 30 years experience in waterproofing walkways and deck restoration. With knowledge and skill like ours, you know your deck will be resurfaced as it […]

Part 2-Deck Coating Process

PART 2-DECK COATING PROCESS Let’s continue to dive into the deck coating process… Deck Coating Process. Last time we started to discuss the Prestige 5-layer deck coating process, with our rationale and helpful summary of the cement base coat and fiberglass steps. Let’s continue with layer 3 of the waterproofing process… Skim Coat-Layer 3. Once […]

Rancho Santa Margarita Deck Waterproofing

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA DECK WATERPROOFING Prestige Deck Coating in Rancho Santa Margarita is the most trusted decking company serving the Orange County Ca area. What makes Prestige Rancho Santa Margarita Deck Waterproofing so darn special, you may ask? Waterproofing Installation. Prestige Deck Coating in Rancho Santa Margarita offers the strongest decking material available. We join […]

Elastomeric Deck Coating Orange County Ca

delaminated elastomeric deck coatings

Elastomeric Deck Coating Orange County Ca Let’s face it, urethane and elastomeric deck coating are not exactly the most durable products on the market. These types of deck coatings have many problems with cracking and delaminating, which will ultimately allow water to penetrate into your deck. If you are having problems with your urethane or […]

Deck Coatings Mission Viejo

Deck Coatings Mission Viejo Prestige Deck Waterproofing in Orange County Ca is the best solution for your deck coatings Mission Viejo. Our Mission Viejo deck installers have over 28 years experience in the deck waterproofing business. So you know your deck  is in good hands! Indeed, our personable nature is exhibited in our dry sense […]