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Winter is coming. You can beat the OC rainy season at its own game, by checking out the condition of your exterior decking. If you notice any soft spots, cracking, puddles, holes, or even leaking below – don’t hesitate to contact a licensed and bonded exterior deck waterproofing contractor! You will thank yourself all winter long. Prestige Deck Coating recently added another happy customer to its list of deck repair and resurfacing projects. Here are some of the things we were reminded of…

Deck Problems to Address:

exterior deck waterproofing _ full deck

Questions. Any exterior deck waterproofing company should be an open book. You should be able to ask them about any detail or the project. Because it is your deck, no two customers are alike. A professional company will be willing to be overly communicative. The success of your decking project depends on clear goals and open suggestions.

Pricing. If a deck repair company isn’t upfront about the costs, say adios! At Prestige, we make sure to provide a thorough estimate of project cost, based on your needs and our expert knowledge of the condition of decks. We offer free onsite estimates with a quick follow up analysis through a detailed estimate. We do not over promise or under deliver. Our pricing is competitive, because we consider each exterior deck waterproofing project as unique.

Deck Waterproofing With Rails:

Railing. What if you have a rail on your exterior decking? Due to the fact that clear communication is crucial, be sure to be in the know. Depending on the situation, a waterproof decking company can actually repair a railing and remove it. For this reason, make sure to ask whether or not they are planning on laying the waterproofing membrane over the railing base or under it. You don’t want to have to uninstall and remove a rail that can stay put.

exterior deck waterproofing _ drip edge

So then, let time and job tested knowledge give you a seamless exterior deck waterproofing experience! Indeed, be sure to ask any deck coating company any questions you have, a clear pricing breakdown, and logistical railing issues. Remember, Prestige Decking offers free onsite estimates, up to 10 year warranties, and eco-friendly industry grade products and systems.

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