Hotel Pool Deck Resurfacing

Hotel Pool Deck Resurfacing _viewIt is almost summer, and the vacationers are about to descend upon southern orange county. You need your hotel pool decks to be safe for your customers. At Prestige Deck Coating, we specialize in keeping commercial pool decks slip free, crack free, and cool to the the touch. We are your hotel pool deck resurfacing choice!

Hotel Pool Deck Resurfacing – Slip Free

Whether you need a full renovation or simply a fresh feel and look, Prestige has got you covered. Our hotel pool deck resurfacing services are top notch.

Hotel Pool Deck Resurfacing _up closeIt is so important to maintain a slip free surface, with all of the children playing and running around the pool. You want your customers injury free and for yourself free from injury lawsuits. Our pool deck resurfacing system guarantees a slip free surface. Our three layer waterproofing membrane is tough and grippy. We spray on our texture coat to ensure this.

 Hotel Pool Deck Resurfacing – Crack Free

hotel Pool Deck Resurfacing _crackYou probably want our services in order to fix a crack or gap in the existing surface. We can fix just about any surface damage. Cracks and grinded down and we place our Flex System over it. It has this name for a good reason. Your pool deck needs to be slightly flexible in order to handle natural settling that causes cracks. We first secure metal lathe to the existing surface for cohesion and bounce. Then we overlap that with waterproofed fiberglass and two layers of polymer modified concrete. Hotel pool deck resurfacing is crack free.

Hotel Pool Deck Resurfacing – Cool

The OC sunshine is awesome, but hot! Pool decks take the brunt of the heat. They also absorb it. Our specially designed paint sealer is exceptionally resistant to surface heat. That is why we add two coats. We want your feet cool and comfortable.

hotel pool deck resurfacing _flex systemCall us to day for a free estimate, and we have your hotel pool deck resurfacing project ready for summer! Our products are eco-friendly, professional grade, and installed by experts in the field of deck waterproofing.


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