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Waterproof Coating in Corona Del Mar

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Searing sunlight and wet air. This is a deadly combo for waterproof deck coating. It is no wonder that Prestige Deck Coating spends a lot of time in Corona Del Mar, which translated into English means “crown of the sea.” The corona of the sun is its fiery hair, and in Corona Del Mar that […]

Prestige Decking Out Waterproof Coatings!

In a beautiful and scenic area such as south Orange County Ca, it is natural to see things decked out! This definitely includes home improvement and landscaping features. Almost every home has a balcony, patio, pool and/or roof deck. Extremes in weather conditions can punish even the most well crafted and tended outdoor landscapes. This […]

Deck Coatings Newport Coast

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Newport Coast has one lovely view. And yet even the wealthiest of people cannot escape the wear and tear the salty ocean air view wreaks on homes and deck coatings. Thankfully, there are companies like Prestige Deck Coating, who are local, and know exactly how to find and handle decking deterioration. Dex O Tex, Versa-Deck […]

Deck Repair Waterproofing Orange

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The City of Orange in Orange County CA is known for its warm summers. This is a wonderful environment for growing its delicious namesake oranges. It is also a breeding ground for cracked and chipped deck coatings. That is where Prestige Deck Coating steps in and with its local knowledge of the city and deck […]

Deck Repair Contractors Newport Beach

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 Dex O Tex, Life Coat, VersaDeck and other deck repair contractors systems are well-known. Someone with a big deck coating problem might think they need to go with the big guns. Name brand quality has its advantages for certain. And yet, we at Prestige Deck Coating have found that many of our customers simply need […]

Rooftop Deck Coatings Covina

Many homes in Orange and LA counties have rooftop deck coatings that were poorly designed and constructed. Sooner than later, this leads to a compromised deck coating, which becomes a sub-floor leaking issue. The deck waterproofing experts at Prestige Deck Coating are well aware of this phenomenon, because we often have to save decks from […]