Commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing

Prestige Decking_Pool Deck Resurfacing

Do you have an apartment complex, hotel, motel, or commercial property with a pool? Perhaps, you manage an HOA recreational facility. No matter what your need, Prestige Deck Coating has the solution to your pool deck resurfacing needs. We specialize in commercial pool deck resurfacing projects. Commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing – the problem It is really […]

Deck Waterproofing Three Piece Suit

deck wateproofing three piece suit

Are you ridiculously meticulous? Overly critical? Do you expect perfection in your building projects? Then you’ve come to the right place! Prestige Deck Coating is your deck waterproofing solution! We recently pleased another customer with our customized waterproof decking systems. Balcony, landings, stairs – you name it – we are your deck waterproofing three piece […]

Large Deck Waterproofing

large deck waterproofing

Does your story sound something like this?  “Our home addition dragged out over 9 months so we needed our large deck waterproofing to be done in phases…” Even if your scenario doesn’t match the one from this recent customer, give us a call to see what we can do for your specific needs. As experienced experts in […]

What Is A Waterproofing Membrane?

waterproofing membrane_fiberglass

What is a membrane? It can be defined as: a thin pliable sheet or skin of various kinds. As in, “the concrete should include a membrane to prevent water seepage.” This is exactly what Prestige Deck Coating specializes in. Waterproofing decks is an artistic science. You need the right materials and a experienced feel to properly seal […]