Waterproofing Plywood Decks

Most patio, balcony, and roof decks in Orange County have a wood sub-structure. This means that there are either 2×4 slats running across the beams or there is plywood sheeting on top of the frame. Prestige Deck waterproofing plywood decksCoating is an expert at waterproofing plywood decks. We can install our deck coating system over the top of either types. We can also waterproof concrete decks.      


Waterproofing Plywood Decks – Repair

Repair. Before we apply our waterproof decking system, we often perform deck repair. We can fix dry rot sections or fully replace plywood sheeting. This is crucial. You can’t have a watertight deck coating with making sure the sub-structure is solid.  

Waterproofing Plywood Decks – System

System. Over the top of the plywood sheeting, is a our 6 layer Crete decking system. We have developed it over many years onsite.  

Here is a run down on how we waterproof plywood decks:

-Staple down 2.5 galvanized metal diamond lathe. This gives it strength and flexibility.

waterproofing plywood decks _ stairs-Trowel down cementitious base coat with a polymer additive. Forming the foundation, this makes your deck rock solid.

-Laminate using fiberglass matting & acrylic resin. The fiberglass layer makes your deck waterproof, just like a boat or surfboard. It is placed over the concrete base to protect it from potential leakage and pooling under the layers closer to the surface.

-Trowel down an additional layer of our cementitious base coat. For strength and coverage of the fiberglass, there is another cement level.

-Spray texture of your choice. The texture layer gives a grippy finish and is appealing aesthetically.

-Seal using waterproof, fortified concrete paint. Our two coats of waterproof concrete paint sealer add an extra waterproofing quality. More importantly, you get to choose your color of choice to match your home.

Waterproofing plywood decks is our speciality at Prestige Deck Coating.

waterproofing plywood decks _ creteOur foremen have at least 30 years experience in the deck coatings industry. We offer up to a 10 year warranty and free estimates. No pressure, no commitment. Call us today! 

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