Waterproof Tile Underlay

Tile on decks is notorious for leaking. Does your tile deck have cracks? Chipping? Soft underneath? Perhaps it is showing signs of staining. You could have water damage. Not a worry for Prestige Decking!

Tile Underlay

Defining The Problem

It’s true, tiles are beautiful. Yet, they can be expensive in more than one way. But, the problem isn’t cost as much as the grout. Like any other concrete based material, tile deck grout seeps water. If what’s underneath is not waterproof – big problemo.

So, while you are enjoying the look and feel of your tile, underneath there could be pooling water. Pooling water = no bueño. After a while, it causes dry rot in the wood sub-floor or structural beams. If that wasn’t bad enough, oftentimes a deck repair with a tile underlay does not allow for salvaging. You get zapped twice.

AVM Tile Underlay System

Waterproof Tile Underlay _  System

AVM Industries has developed a fabulous system for waterproof tile underlay. Below are their basic steps (for those interested in in nitty gritty, go here). Prestige Decking is certified to install this excellent waterproofing solution.

1) Install a 6 inch wide membrane strip at deck perimeters, joints, cracks, sheet metals, drains, scuppers, posts, door ways, entry ways, etc.

2) Use a wider strip if the 6″ strip will not provide adequate waterproofing protection.

3) Install the AVM Membrane 700 to all the remaining surfaces with a minimum 2 inch overlap at the seams and completely overlapping the 6 inch strip

Waterproof Tile Underlay _ lathe layer

4) Next, protective coating (optional with the following exception: required when membrane is installed directly to plywood substrates).

5) Protective layer: apply the AVM Crete 6700 over the cured membrane 700 at least 1/8 of an inch thick. Now, your waterproof tile underlay system is complete!

Working with each customer to meet individual needs, we use eco-friendly products. Not only that, but we offer 10 year warranties on most systems. With over a decade of on-the-site experience and experimentation to boot, we are the sure OC local choice for all your deck waterproofing needs!

Waterproof Tile Underlay _ Final

Call us today for a free onsite estimate to see of the AVM waterproof tile underlay system is right for you!

Watch this video to see the AVM 700 waterproofing system in action.

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