Waterproof Flexible Mining?

Waterproof Flexible Mining? I know it sounds weird. Perhaps it is a stretch for a catchy sounding post. Recently Prestige Deck Coating headed waterproof_flex systemout to Miners Trail in Chino Hills to install our custom Flex deck waterproofing system. Waterproof flexible mining. We combine 40+ years of experience with custom customer care and industry grade products to exhibit flexibility, expertise and watertight delivery!


 At Prestige Deck Coating, we do waterproof. Plain and simple. Like a miner plumbing the depths to find that one nugget of gold, we stop at nothing to make your decking definitive.

We have two basic types of waterproof coatings we apply to ensure a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing, sealed deck surface.

Crete Decking System. This five layer deck repair system is meant to go over plywood surfaces. Most decks have a wood foundation, so this flexsystem is our go to. If you have a balcony, stair, or walkway deck, this is your best bet. This is used over new decks and well as surfaces with damaged sub-floors.

Flex System. This particular job in Chino Hills had a deck with an existing deck coating system, but did not have dry rot or other structural damage. It can be applied over decks in good shape that need an slight overhaul. It is applied over existing concrete surfaces, whether a slightly deteriorating decking or a pool deck. Think of this as half of our Crete System.

The installation process is as follows:

1) Lay down fiberglass matting and adhere with bonder
2) Trowel polymer modified concrete mixture
3) Spray texture of your choice
4) Coat with two applications of concrete paint sealer

Prestige Deck Coating are experts in waterproofing technology. We are people friendly. We are concrete connoisseurs. miners trailLooking for waterproof flexible mining skills in the Orange County area. Give us a call. Learn how you can receive a free onsite estimate and a 10 year warranty.




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