Waterproof Decking in Orange County CA

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Waterproof Decking in Orange County CA

Prestige Deck Coating is the most trusted company for waterproof decking in Orange County CA (see “Recent Testimonials” to the right). Our waterproof decking experts have close to 30 years experience in waterproof decking and deck restoration. With knowledge and skill like ours, you know your deck will be resurfaced as it should be. With the skillfulness and understanding that we have on the subject of waterproof decking, there is no reason to trust any other Southern California waterproof decking company in Orange County CA.

Whether your deck or exterior flooring is leaking, cracking, not draining properly, or simply needs resurfacing to beautify your backyard, Prestige Deck Coating and waterproof decking in Orange County has you covered. Each deck is carefully examined to eliminate the problem at the source, with a 5-layer waterproof decking system in Orange County CA unlike any other deck coating company. Each coating has a particular propose to keep out water and reinforce your deck, make your deck last longer.

5 Layer System. Our 2.5lb diamond shaped metal lathe is first stapled to the wooden sub-floor level. Then polymer-modified concrete is spreadwaterproof decking in orange county ca diagram equally across, and bonds directly to your wood sub-floor, sealing out water. The fiberglass and resin coating creates a perfect watertight seal over the polymer modified concrete, this sets us apart from most companies who install waterproof decking in Orange County CA. We add a second coating of our polymer based concrete on top of our fiberglass and bonder coating to reinforce the waterproof decking qualities. The finish texture coat is carefully applied evenly across your deck using an air pressurized hopper gun, creating an even grip on your walkways, stairs and decks. In addition, two coats of our waterproof decking paint sealer guard your deck from UV rays and ruthless rains.

deck waterproofing in orange county ca-afterOur waterproof decking Orange County CA will hold up in even the most used foot traffic walkways. Deck coating exposed to the normative Orange County sunlight and heat can worsen faster than the average deck. If you are in doubt that your decking or exterior flooring needs waterproof decking, do not hesitate to call us.

We offer free estimates, so give a little whistle, and always let Prestige Deck Coating and waterproof decking in Orange County CA be your guide!



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