Waterproof A Leaking Balcony

Many homes in south Orange County have balcony decks. Over time, due to wear and tear, as well as outdated waterproof a leaking balcony decktechnology – leaking becomes a reality. Prestige Deck Coating are experts in deck waterproofing technology. We know how to waterproof a leaking balcony deck.

Waterproof A Leaking Balcony – Problem

The problem is not as obvious as you may think. Yes, leaking is a BIG problem. But, the problem is more than surface deep. Poorly constructed decking systems, outdated technology, or simple wear and tear cause leaking.

waterproof a leaking balcony deck _ damageYet, the actual leaking balcony deck can be due to many factors. Placing heavy objects can cause decomposition. Allowing water to pool can lead to leaking as well. Time and wear and tear can mean you are ready for a fresh deck repair. 

If you see any of these signs – you might need call a waterproofing contractor:

-paint or surface bubbling
-soft spots
-pooling water
-structural damage


Waterproof A Leaking Balcony – Plan

metal lathe _ waterproof a leak balcony deck

A good deck coating specialist is recognized by:

-scheduling a free onsite estimate
-analyzing the potential damage
-estimating the costs
-verbalizing a custom quote
-sending over a written cost breakdown
-offering a limited warranty

A step-by-step plan to waterproof a leaking balcony deck helps both the customer and contractor.

Prestige Decking has developed onsite, custom systems to meet your personal needs. Our basic six layer plan is as follows:

(-metal lathe over plywood substructure)
-foundational layer of polymer modified concrete
-fiberglass and bonder layer
-second layer of concrete
-texture coat
-paint sealer
This plan is the basis for how we customize to your needs. To waterproof a leaking balcony deck or not to waterproof a leaking balcony deck – is the question – that we always have the answer to!


Waterproof A Leaking Balcony – Product


Beautiful! Strong! Lasting! When you find a professional deck repair contractor who knows how to waterproof a leaking balcony deck – This is what you will exclaim! 


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