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Grade A Balcony Deck

Grade A+ balcony deck

At Prestige Deck Coating, we provide grade A balcony deck coatings and more. Many apartment and condominiums come with a balcony deck. For some, it becomes another place for storage. For others, a make shift garden. Still others, it is where the grilling gets done. No matter how you use your balcony deck, it needs to […]

Prestige Decking Out Waterproof Coatings!

[ssba] In a beautiful and scenic area such as south Orange County Ca, it is natural to see things decked out! This definitely includes home improvement and landscaping features. Almost every home has a balcony, patio, pool and/or roof deck. Extremes in weather conditions can punish even the most well crafted and tended outdoor landscapes. […]

San Clemente Roof Deck Coatings

Stair Tread Right

Does your decking have a 25-year-old coating that needs a full resurfacing overhaul? What is the shape of your railing? Is the condition of your fascia less than to be desired? A few weeks ago, we had just such a problematic San Clemente roof deck coatings project. San Clemente Roof Deck Coatings Upon first assessment […]