Pool Deck Resurfacing Fullerton

Fullerton is not just known for its world-class college baseball team. Orange County can get hot in the summer. Fullerton is no exception. To escape the heat,Pool Deck Resurfacing Fullerton_view retreat in the pool is crucial. Enter Prestige Deck Coating. Our pool deck resurfacing Fullerton service is top-notch, timely, and safe. We know deck coatings, we know cool, we know grip. We want a safe environment for your family and other barbecue functions.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Fullerton

One such pool deck in Fullerton was cracking severely in some places. We suggested having a concrete patch removed where a prior diving board was, and re-pouring.

Concrete Repair Resurfacing.

-We will remove the patch of concrete where diving board was.
Pool Deck Resurfacing Fullerton_cracking-We will re-pour concrete to prepare for our resurfacing system.
-This  process will need a 3 week time period to cure, before we apply our system.

Crack Repair Resurfacing.

-We begin by grooving out the existing crack with a Diamond grinding equipment.
-After joint is cleaned out we will be repairing the cracks using a two-part epoxy crack repair.

-We will be removing and replacing all expansion joint caulking (to match pool deck surface).

Pool Deck Resurfacing Fullerton System.

We will apply a textured overlay across the existing salt aggregate concrete pool deck to give it a fresh look.

Scope of work:

-Apply primer over the entire pool deck surface
-Trowel down acrylic modified cementitious skim coat
-Spray Desert Brand Texture to a knockdown or Orange Peel finish
-Seal using Desert Brand Masterseal paint

Pool Deck Resurfacing Fullerton is wet, wild, and safe with Prestige Deck Coatings on the job!Pool Deck Resurfacing Fullerton_flex system

You  can go with other companies such as Dex O Tex, Versa Deck and Life Deck, but Prestige Deck Waterproofing company combines top-notch products, installation know how, and customer service that is unmatched. We shoot straight with you, from the estimate phase all the way through to the finished product!

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