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Pool Deck Resurfacing

For this particular pool deck resurfacing project we had two main objectives.  Below this deck is a parking garage, so perfectlyDesert Flex System_Pool Deck Resurfacing in Rancho Santa Margarita waterproofing this deck was our number one objective. Our second objective was to smoothly patch all concrete cracks and chips. Prior to resealing, this exterior flooring was in terrible condition.  After we thoroughly assessed the decking project we decided to use our Flex Deck System, which waterproofs your deck while staying flexible enough to prevent cracking.  Our decking system can be applied directly over most damaged concrete. Removing the entire slab of concrete can be a messy expensive project. This multi-layer decking system is ideal for this situation. This system is also great for pool deck resurfacing because it gives the concrete a slip resistant texture. This anti-slip grip texture will hold up in even the highest foot traffic areas.

Pool Deck Resurfacing afterIn most circumstances, like this one, waterproofing is an extremely important issue.  Without the proper installation the parking garage would have suffered serious structural damage in the years to come, eventually becoming a dangerous area. Getting your deck or exterior flooring waterproofed correctly the first time is essential.  We use a 5 layer deck waterproofing system that includes 2 layers of polymer modified concrete, a fiberglass and bonder coat, an anti-grip slip finish, and 2 coats of a specialized floor paint sealer. Our pool deck resurfacing installers have between 15-25 years experience in the Orange County waterproofing industry.

Other companies sub-contract out their work, use cut-rate materials and poor workmanship resulting in a leaking deck. Why risk it with those other SouthernRobot Our Promise California decking companies? We take pride in our deck resurfacing making sure your deck is waterproofed correctly while not sacrificing the looks of your home or commercial business. We are extremely dedicated to keeping a good standing relationship with our clients making your deck-resurfacing project as easy as possible. Don’t wait contact us today to make an appointment for a free estimate on your Orange County deck today.

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