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Tustin Pool Deck Resurfacing

Let us turn your Tustin pool deck resurfacing project into a masterpiece! Tustin Pool Deck Resurfacing Is your current pool deck in Tustin too hot, too slippery, cracked, chipped, stained, pooling water, rough on the feet, or just plain boring? Prestige Deck Coating and Tustin pool deck resurfacing specializes in turning existing concrete, and pool […]

How to Waterproof a Deck

Prestige Deck Coating is the #1 company for waterproof decking in Orange County CA. We are experts in deck waterproofing. Our specialists have nearly 30 years experience in deck coating and deck waterproofing. With experience like ours, you can trust our ability to know how to waterproof a deck. We have the skill and knowledge […]

Waterproof Deck Coatings: Drip Edge Flashing

deck flashing copper

Drip Edge Flashing Deck Coatings Drip Edge Flashing. If you want to secure the perimeter of your deck, insuring a waterproof seal, you must dial in the metal edges. Prestige Deck Coating knows how crucial properly installed flashing is to guarantee that your patio, balcony, or roof decks are waterproofed. Exterior Perimeter. For open decks […]

Deck Waterproofing Metal Lathe

Deck Waterproofing Metal Lathe In the last blog entry, we spoke of the primary layer of the deck waterproofing process. Proper metal flashing installation is key to insuring a dry deck. Securing the perimeter of the deck is done through snugly fitted metalwork. The same is true for our next level: deck waterproofing metal lathe. […]

Custom Deck Waterproofing-Tricky Decks Part 1

Corona Del Mar Deck coating

TRICKY DECKS-Part 1 Do you have one of those tricky decks? Is it under a descending staircase? Does it have different types of railing attached to the deck? Are the corners asymmetrical or incongruent? Is the surface multi-leveled? Is custom deck waterproofing out of the question? Is hope lost? No, far from it. If you […]

Deck Coating-Part 1

deck repair care_fiberglass

DECK COATING The key to successful deck waterproofing is the foundation, just like everything in life. Houses built on sand are unlikely to last long. But, a foundation serves no function if nothing is built on top of it. Who wants to take a stroll on their new waterproof deck coating and find that they […]