Meet The Master Of Deck Coating


Prestige Deck Coating has been in the industry as a master of deck coating for many years now. Our supervisors and expert deck waterproofing installers have decades of experience. So, we thought it would be a good idea to do a series to introduce you to our specialists.


The Master of Deck Coating – Story

Oscar has been in the deck repair and coating industry for over 4 decades! He has deep roots in this artistic field.

The Master of Deck Coating – Style

Carrying on the family tradition of excellence, Oscar quietly goes about his work, with an eye for perfection. He has perfected the skills necessary to be considered the master of deck coating. Each of the five steps of the installation process are no problem for Oscar. Better yet, he sees them as unified whole. If one is does not build upon the other, the whole system is faulty. Oscar won’t stand for this!

master of deck coating _ lathe

Oscar is not afraid of hard work. One classic example of Oscar’s eclectic, yet hardcore persona: He does not use kneepads. Even when installing metal lathe! Talk about devoted!

Hours and hours float by unnoticed as he finds the zone. The master of deck coating has style to boot. Just watch him for even a few minutes. As he spreads out the polymer modified concrete, you know you have found the master of deck coating. It is like watching Bob Ross paint. You feel relaxed instantly and are drawn in like a moth to the flame! 

The Master of Deck Coating – Success

He is a true professional. Like a master artist, he has the process dialed in. He runs his crew efficiently, with little talk, and big results. They are tidy and courteous. 

By getting to know Oscar a bit better, I hope it will help you to feel more confident in choosing Prestige Deck Coating as your first choice for Orange County deck waterproofing systems. We offer up to 10 year warranties, use eco-friendly products, and are keen to customize to your needs.

master of deck coating _ flashing

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