Hunting Leaky Deck in Coto de Caza

Coto de Caza in Orange County Ca is out in the country. It is a prime place for hunting ducks and leaky deck. hunter_leaky deckYes, leaky decks. With a combination of hot summers and wet, rainy winters, this beautiful area can wreak havoc like a hunter’s 12 gauge! Enter your Orange County seasoned deck repair expert, Prestige Deck Coating.

Hunting Leaky Deck

We recently traveled to Hunter street in Coto de Caza, and crept upon a leaky deck, scoring a direct hit! This gorgeous home was not immune to aforementioned harsh weather conditions.

leaky deck_lathe

lathe installation

Coating Removal. We first had to remove the previous deck coating to ascertain the damage underneath. This is truly the only way to approach deck repair. Sometimes, the deck structure is only rotted in one area, sometimes it is pervasive. In the rare case, it actually seeps into the foundation. Prestige can help either way. We are not only deck waterproofing specialists, but deck repair experts. Thankfully, our keen hunting eye found no more than a worn decking surface, with the plywood sub floor intact.

Crete System. Once the leaky deck takes a dive, we are ready to send in the dogs to deck out your decking! Our time tested, on the site developed deck coatings system is applied. Our Crete Decking System is a five layer, six level waterproof repair masterpiece.

1) First, we staple down 2.5 lb. diamond shaped metal lathe to the securely flashed perimeter

2) Second, we trowel down polymer modified concrete to bond, strengthen, and give flex to the deck sub floor

3) Third, we roll out and paint down a fiberglass/bonder layer to full waterproof your deck surface

4) Fourth, we apply a second skim coat of concrete

5) Fifth, we spray your choice of texture coating

6) Sixth, we apply two coats of concrete paint sealer to finalize the deck waterproofing process

12 hunter_coto_leaky decksHunting leaky deck with Prestige is sure to bag you a watertight deck and save time and money in the process. Call us today for a free onsite estimate. Find out about our ten year warranty!

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