On A Mission: Healthy Decks

At Prestige Deck Coating we are on a mission – making healthy decks. So many deck coatings in South Orange County are ill. Rust, soft spots in plywood, dry rot, structural damage, leaking – you would think you need healthy decks_mission hospitala deck waterproofing hospital! Well, ironically, we just finished a minor surgery at Mission Hospital – a standard re-coat procedure. We installed our custom deck coating system on a large roof deck.  

Healthy Decks

Healthy decks are a necessity for the well being of your home.

Like people, decks come in all shapes and sizes. With a sick person, you need a proper doctor to assess, diagnose, and recommend the best care for the patient’s condition. The same is true for your patio, balcony, or roof deck – as well as stairways and walkways. As a courtesy, Prestige Deck waterproofing will come to you. Our expert estimator’s assess you deck’s condition, diagnose the problem and recommend a proper course of action that will extend the life of your decking. Like each person needs a personal health care plan, the same is true for maintaining healthy decks.

To achieve healthy decks, sometimes you need an overhaul.

Thankfully, the health of this deck was not an ER situation. It was a critical operation though. A leaking roof deck coating calls for immediate attention. Especially, at a hospital where life saving medical equipment needs to stay dry to work. This roof decking had an old Dex-O-Tex membrane system.

The pervious coating was a light weight concrete that had accumulated water pooling, that led to leaking. This is a common symptom of worn deck coatings. When the waterproof membrane wears down, exposing the concrete, water naturally pools, then seeps into the sub-structure. This means at least a dry rot repair, possibly a need for full plywood re-sheeting, or worse yet – structural repairs.

On A Mission_ Healthy DecksFirst, we performed a coating removal. Next, we installed the Desert Brand Flex System. This is a modified version of our 5-layer Crete system. We put down fiberglass over the existing lightweight concrete. Then we apply our polymer modified concrete to seal the waterproof glass. Last, we put a texture coat, topped off with waterproof paint sealer.

Surgery success! Mission complete – one more in a long line of healthy decks! Cured and glowing!

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