Getting Underneath the Surface

Is your deck surface showing signs of wear? Is it chipping, flaking, cracking, delaminating, soft, dry rotted, or leaking? While these deck coating deterioration signs may be cause for alarm, what’s going on underneath the surface might be even moresurface cracking troubling! Whatever the coating is showing, doesn’t necessarily reflect the problems going on structurally. It is imperative to make sure that when you start see any signs of water damage, that you take the proper steps at getting underneath the surface. Calling Prestige Deck Coating is a wise first step.

Underneath Deck Surface Solutions

When your decking has extensive foundational damage, deck repair is crucial. At Prestige Deck Coatings, we perform various types of wood repair.

under the surface_water damageOur first step in determining the extent of surface damage, is to remove the deck coating. Fact, we can’t really find what nature of the damages are until we remove the coating.

Dry Rot Repair. When the deteriorating plywood section is only 16 ft.² or less, we perform what we call dry rot repair. This includes removing the damaged deck area, and replacing the unusable plywood with three-quarter inch plywood.

Plywood Removal and Resheeting. If the deck surface issues are extensive, the plywood removal and resheeting process is necessary. This usually means that we remove all the plywood on the subfloor of the deck and replace it with three-quarter inch tongue and groove plywood.

Sistering Joists. In the worst case scenario (like the example to the left), we have to perform structural rebuilding. In other words,sister joists_surface leaking we might have to replace 2 x 6 beams and or sister joists. In this case, you waited far too long to attend to the state of your deck coating. It is not only assumed that you have leaking into the room or area below, but also it’s dangerous for walking or even placing any weight on that part of the decking surface.

Whether you have a minor wood repair, or you have extensive structural damage, Prestige Decking is your deck repair solution! With Prestige Deck Coating, getting underneath the surface of your deck waterproofing problems is our specialty and pleasure!

Our deck resurfacing experts having 30 to 40 years experience in the deck coatings industry. We also offer free estimates and a 10 year warranty with our Crete decking system. You could do with other deck coating companies, but with us you can welcome the rain at any time of the year!

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