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Waterproof Coating in Corona Del Mar

balcony deck repair

Searing sunlight and wet air. This is a deadly combo for waterproof deck coating. It is no wonder that Prestige Deck Coating spends a lot of time in Corona Del Mar, which translated into English means “crown of the sea.” The corona of the sun is its fiery hair, and in Corona Del Mar that […]

Getting Underneath the Surface

watrproof my deck_leaking

Is your deck surface showing signs of wear? Is it chipping, flaking, cracking, delaminating, soft, dry rotted, or leaking? While these deck coating deterioration signs may be cause for alarm, what’s going on underneath the surface might be even more troubling! Whatever the coating is showing, doesn’t necessarily reflect the problems going on structurally. It […]

Deck Repair Coating Chino

Deck Repair Coating_Chino

Even if you have minor decking repairs needed for your decking, it is no problem for the experts at Prestige deck repair coating! From big gaping holes to minor hairline cracks, we can help solve your waterproofing needs. We service needy decks Orange, Riverside, LA, and North San Diego counties. Chino Deck Repair Coating A […]