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Because of the beautiful weather in south Orange County, there are many outdoor decks. Yet, when the rains come each year they can 

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accumulate damage. Homeowners and hotel managers need to need know this firsthand. This is why many have opted out of exposed wood decking. At Prestige Decking, we know how to transform your wood deck into a waterproof plywood deck.

Waterproof Plywood Deck?

There are basically two ways you can go. You can use a clear sealer and keep re-coating every year or two (depending on the local weather). Sure, the look of natural wood is pretty. But, it comes at a heavy cost of money and time for upkeep. Or, you opt to install a more permanent solution.

Prestige Deck Coating installs two types of waterproofing systems. One, placing our deck waterproofing system over your existing concrete surface. Second, installation over a plywood base.

Waterproof Plywood Deck – How?

waterproof plywood deck _ creteIf you have a wood slat deck, the first step is to nail down plywood sheeting. This provides a sturdy yet flexible base level for our deck coating system.

Next, metal lathe is securely stapled down. This gives the waterproof plywood deck strong support for the coating layers.

Third comes the concrete. This gives the waterproof plywood deck its core. We use polymer modified concrete to keep the cement from cracking. Each step in the process takes into account the need for a balance between strength and flexibility.

Key in the waterproofing system is fiberglass. Just like in boating and surfing, the waterproof deck repair industry uses fiberglass to ensure a watertight seal. Any pesky leaking water from the top of the deck cannot penetrate our fiberglass layer.

A skim coat of concrete wedges the fiberglass in place and adds strength.

This is a safe waterproof plywood deck system. Added for a non-slip grip is a texture coat pattern (of your choice). It looks really nice as well.

Finally, two coats of concrete fortified paint sealer (you color choice), are sprayed on to seal the deal!  

Waterproof Plywood Deck – Now!

waterproof plywood deck _ fianlYou don’t need to build a new deck, or continue to waste time and money with the upkeep of wood decking. Call Prestige Decking today for a free estimate on your new waterproof plywood deck!


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