Doing the Fullerton Flex

Fullerton has hot summer days and cold nights. For deck owners, this can lead to cracking concrete Fullerton_Flexand a splitting headache. All of the extreme changes in weather patterns can make your deck coating rigid. You can’t expect to replace our concrete decking ever few years. There is a solution. Prestige Deck Coating are specialists in resurfacing exterior balcony decks, patio decks, roof decks, pool decks, walkways, and stairways. We are experts in combining strength and flexibility in deck waterproofing. Doing the Fullerton Flex is our pleasure!

What do we mean exactly?

Flex System in Fullerton

While we often put down our deck coatings systems over plywood sub-floors, we also re-coat existing concrete surfaces. We recently performed a job in Fullerton, where the decking needs only an overhaul.

Our Flex System was the right call. Fullerton_system

The Flex System is a fully waterproofed decking system that is applied right over your existing concrete surface.

1) We apply our specially developed polymer modified concrete base
2) After this dries, we roll out fiberglass matting, and paint on bonder for a complete waterproof seal
3) Another skim coat of concrete is smeared across the deck surface
4) A concrete texture coating of your choice is sprayed on with a pneumatic hopper gun
5) We again seal the deck coating with two coats of our epoxy fortified concrete paint

The Flex System can be applied right over the existing deck coating on stairs as well! With Prestige Deck Coating, we have got you covered and waterproofed!

fullerton_concreteWe strive for three values: customer care, expert installation, and quality products. We offer free customized estimates and once hired, give frequent updates as top the job progression. Each of our foremen has at least 30 years experience in the deck repair industry. We are a Desert Brand certified installer, and have also developed our own products. We offer up to a 10 year warranty on our deck waterproofing systems. Doing the Fullerton Flex is the call, go ahead and make it!


Watch our waterproofing skills in action!

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