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deck repair system _ dry rot

Trouble with your outside patio or balcony deck, stairway or walkway coatings, pool or concrete surfaces? Wondering what to do for dry rot, de-lamination, holes, structural damage, rusty enclosures, water pooling? Prestige Deck Coating has an umber of affordable deck repair system options.

4 Services

Issues with your decking does not mean its a goner! Part of our custom deck repair system options are a variety of fixes that extend the life of your deck coatings!

Plywood Re-Sheeting. If you have quite a bit of rust intrusion, we can remove the existing sub-floor. After plywood re-sheeting, it allows us to lay a solid foundation for our deck waterproofing system.

Door Pans. We can installed new door pans where there is water leakage and/or rust damage underneath the main  door.

deck repair system _ flashing

Drip Edge Flashing. Many decks are open on one or more sides. This calls for drip edge flashing, to allow a smooth exit for excess water. The flashing is designed to sheet the unwanted water off the deck, while ensuring it does not penetrate the deck sub-floor.

Railing repair. No problem if you have a wrought iron railing! We can remove the railing and reinstall it after our service. Also, we can work around it. Rusty rails are repaired, welded, and reattached.

Wrapping It Up

Our six level waterproof deck repair system is designed for use over plywood sub-floors.

deck repair system _ diagram

1) Reinforcing Metal lathe

2) Sealing Polymer Modified Concrete

3) Waterproofing Fiberglass Matting and Bonder

4) Sandwiching Concrete Coat

5) Texturing Stamp Coat

6) Painting Your Style

Six levels of deck repair brilliance! Prestige Decking offers up to 10 year warranties, eco-friendly products, trained professionals, and custom options.

Check out our deck repair system in action!

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