Deck Repair Flair

Deck repair flair. Yes, flair. Prestige Deck Coating is a deck waterproofing expert and artisan. After making your deck watertight, we want you to want to look at your balcony, patio, stairways, walkway, landing, roof, or pool deck. Waterproof, yes. Beautiful, absolutely. Who expectsdeck repair flair high-class craftsmanship more than the folks in the posh city of Corona Del Mar? It is not a coincidence that the latest masterpiece we created was on a street named orchid.

Deck Repair Flair

Plywood Resheeting. Before the flair, we have the nuts and bolts. This Corona Del Mar decking was in sorry shape. We had to fully resheet the plywood after doing a dry rot repair. We use 3/4 inch tongue and groove plywood sheets, firmly bolting them down to the sub floor.

stucco deck repair flair  Stucco Removal and Repair. Because this deck was enclosed, and had evasive dry rot, we found the existing flashing to be unusable. Before we can install new L metal or Diato metal flashing, we have to remove part of the stucco wall to fit the flashing underneath.

Diato Metal Flashing. We typically use this type of flashing in the case of stucco walls. It works seamlessly with the existing structure, and provides a watertight finished product.

Deck Drains & Door Pans. The deck drains were rusted out and so was the door pan. Part of the deck repair flair of Prestige Decking, is our ability to both tear down and rebuild. Deck drains come in copper or stainless steel, depending on your specific needs.

Scupper Drains. Occasionally a deck is so large that there are both deck drains and scupper drains. Scuppers are used as inserts in the enclosing wall to allow excess water to properly drain off the deck. We installed four on this posh Corona Del Mar deck project!

Newport Beach Ca Plywood repairCrete Deck Waterproofing System. Our signature deck coatings system was installed as a fitting conclusion to deck repair flair!

Check out our deck repair flair in action!

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