Deck Flashing San Clemente

rusted drip edge deck flashing

rusted drip edge flashing

algae near deck flashing

algae near drip edge flashing

Does your deck coating have rust? Is your decking soft or compromised around the edges? Perhaps you notice some mold or algae growing on your deck coatings? This usually means one foreboding thing: damaged deck flashing. Damaged flashing = bad, really bad if you do not remove and repair it ASAP. Decks at ocean towns like San Clemente are prime culprits. But there is hope! Prestige Deck Coating majors in deck repair, particularly expert flashing installation. Our crews have foremen with 30-40 years experience in the deck flashing industry. Add a 10 year warranty with free estimates, and you have got a winner!

Deck Flashing San Clemente

At Prestige Deck Coating, there are basically three kinds of deck flashing we install: diato or combo metal, drip edge flashing, and L metal.

diato metal deck flashing

diato metal installed

Diato/Combo Metal. To install diato metal, you first have to remove the stucco or wall panels about 8 inches up the wall. We fit this neatly underneath, in order to give a flush look from wall to deck. So we install the deck flashing along the deck to wall transition (also deck to stair) and incorporate the stucco screed. This is to make sure the wall will be prepared for stucco when we are done.

Drip Edge Flashing. This type of metal is named for its function. It allows excess water to drip off the edge of the deck. It is

Deck Flashing_Drip Edge

drip edge flashing with base coat

similar to L metal flashing, except it has a little lip on one edge to facilitate sheeting. This kind of flashing is installed on decks that are open on one or more sides. Water sheets off the edge, keeping your deck coatings dry.

L Metal Flashing. L metal is also a descriptive term. It is shaped like an “L”! We primarily use L metal on stair steps, but also sometimes as a replacement for Diato/Combo metal.

Hiring Prestige Deck Coating means getting your deck flashing done right!

deck flashing_L metal on stairs

L metal on stairs

Our metal mastery is one reason why your decking will be watertight! With all of the products on the market an deck coating companies selling their wares, deck waterproofing can be a scary prospect. With Prestige, you can steer clear of fear, and have a secure perimeter and beautiful waterproof decking surface.

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