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Above is a video demonstrating one of our waterproofing processes.

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Prestige Deck Coatings in Orange County installs the toughest waterproof decking system on the market. Our detailed and systematic installation process protects your decks, exterior floors and stairs from the hardest rains year after year in Orange County. Our multiple layer waterproof deck coating process is as follows: 2.5 galvanized metal lath, a layer of polymer modified concrete, fiberglass and bonder, a second application of polymer modified concrete, your choice of finish layer texture, and a final paint sealer. Each of Prestige Deck Coatings layers is specifically designed to keep out water and strengthen decks from bubbling cracking, and long-term sun damage. Decks here in Orange County are important to seal properly and thoroughly because of our hot and dry summers and our heavy rainstorms in the winter.  Below is a detailed description of the procedure used for deck coatings in Orange County.

Metal Lathing (2.5 lbs per square yard)

Once we have done an in-depth inspection of the deck and surrounding structure, we secure our metal lath on the wood sub floor using  24 galvanized 16 gauge staples perNewport Beach Job after square foot.

First layer of Polymer modified concrete

Next comes our polymer modified concrete deck coating. This is spread evenly across the metal lath creating the perfect foundation layer for your Orange County deck.  Once the polymer-modified concrete has completely dried we are ready for the next deck coating.

Fiberglass and Bonder

Next Prestige Deck Coatings applies ¾ oz. fiberglass on top of the polymer-modified concrete. The fiberglass is cut carefully to fit around drains, railings and posts.  Bonder is liberally applied into the fiberglass soaking and bonding to the first layer of polymer-modified concrete. This is a fundamental step to keep those heavy Orange County rainstorms from penetrating your deck.

Second layer of Polymer modified concrete

Once the bonder has thoroughly dried Prestige Deck Coatings will apply a second layer of polymer-modified concrete, to strengthen and protect your deck. This layer will give your Orange County deck assurance from cracking along with another safeguarded layer of leak protection.

Texture Coat

After the second polymer modified concrete is dry, we install your choice of decorative texture finish. This is the coating that gives your deck the finished look providing you with grip and waterproofing.

Floor Paint Sealer

Our final layer for deck coatings in Orange County, is 2 coats of the concrete floor paint sealer.  This is applied on top of the texture coat with your choice of color. We have many different paint sealers to choose from ensuring your new waterproof deck matches your home.

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