Deck Coating-Part 1

Deck Coating-Part 1 | deck coating diagram


The key to successful deck waterproofing is the foundation, just like everything in life. Houses built on sand are unlikely to last long. But, a foundation serves no function if nothing is built on top of it. Who wants to take a stroll on their new waterproof deck coating and find that they are only walking on reinforced plywood? Plywood is not waterproof, and plywood is not aesthetically pleasing either. This precisely is where the Prestige Team really shines!

After laying an expert foundation of reinforced, industry grade, custom cut plywood and anchoring a 2.5 lb. diamond shaped metal lathe system, the deck waterproofing process begins. Our team does not coat with only one or two, or even three or four layers to insure a tight and visually appealing waterproofing experience. No, Prestige goes all the way to present our customers with an ultra premium finished product. We go beyond industry standards, employing a water-tight 5-layer coating system!deck coating cement base layer 1

Cement Base-Layer 1. We begin with a hearty base coat of iron-like cement mixture, which slow dries to eliminate unwanted cracks. This layer is for strength and bonding to the plywood/lathe foundation. The strength of the bond is enhanced by the cohesion to the metal lathe level, which is in turn securely stapled to the stud anchored, plywood floorboard. After insuring that the cement sets and is marble smooth, we move to layer two. We do not rush through any of these crucial steps. Your waterproofing success depends on this patient and skillful process.

fiberglass coatingFiberglass-Layer 2. This is where we take a tip from the surfboard and boat making tradition. Who knows waterproofing better than those who spend much of their time in the water? How do they keep from leaks, water invasion and sinking? Fiberglass. Yes, one of the keys to Prestige’s deck mastery is our second layer of bonded fiberglass. We plaster 1/8 inch tight fiberglass with industry grade bonder to completely seal your deck from water intrusion. Time tested methods combined with pertinent technology, a winning team!

Follow us on the next blog entry as we finish this helpful summary of the most reliable and advanced deck coating system in the Orange County area.


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