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Prestige Deck Coating Cardiff, installs the toughest deck waterproofing systems in North San Diego County Ca. Each and every deck coating is custom inspected, re-coated and resurfaced accordingly, to be sure your deck coating never leaks again. Whether you have a balcony deck, walkway, stairs or most other types of exterior flooring we can repair it. The decks here in Cardiff are important to seal correctly because of our scorching hot summers and our proximity to the ocean. If your deck coating in Cardiff has any type of cracking or delaminating, its time for a repair and resurface by Prestige Deck Coating Cardiff.

Here is a step by step breakdown of how our 6-level deck coating and waterproofing system works: 

lathe deck coating Cardiff

1. Layer of metal lathing. Once Prestige Deck Coating Cardiff inspects your deck we assess the type of resurfacing needed. We start with a base layer of our metal lathe, stapled directly to the wooden sub-floor. 

first polymer modified concrete layer2. Polymer modified concrete. Next, Prestige Deck Coating Cardiff will spread its extra strength polymer based concrete across the metal lathe. We balance the concrete mixture to achieve both strength and flexibility for your deck coating. 

fiberglass layer deck coating3. ¾ ounce cloth fiberglass and Bonder 480.  We next lay down our cloth fiberglass and generously apply our Bonder 480, so it penetrates the fiberglass, producing a powerful adhesion to the concrete layer. This step is very important to insure a waterproof surface, and sets us apart from many other deck coating companies. 

deck coating skim4. Second coat of polymer modified concrete.  After the bonder and fiberglass has thoroughly dried, we apply another coat of our specially designed, polymer modified concrete to give your Cardiff deck double the strength and flexibility as a normal deck.

deck coating texture layer5. Anti-slip grip texture coat. Prestige Deck Coating Cardiff then applies our specialized anti-slip grip texture. This is consistently applied over the entire surface of your deck giving your deck coating the best look and non-skid Cardiff deck coating.

6. Epoxy fortified concrete paint sealer. To seal the deal, we finish the project with two coats of waterproofing paint. You have your choice of 16 color variations to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Cardiff deck.

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