Damp Deck? Don’t Be Scared!

damp deck _ poolingWhen you walk on your balcony deck, does it give? Do you have a soft spot on your patio deck coating? Is there a pool of water on a section of your roof decking? Is the deck waterproofing system you had installed getting worn, or slick? Perhaps, you might have a damp deck. A damp deck could be trouble, especially with the rainy winter coming approaching.

Damp Deck – Science

Now you know some of the signs that you could have a damp deck. But what might be causing it? Once your deck gets damp, it is too late.

damp deck _ dry rot

When you have a deck coating system installed, water can go to one of three places. One, it sheets off the deck. Every properly constructed deck should have gradual sloping that removes excess water. Two, the excess water pools on the decking. If your deck was poorly constructed or the deck waterproofing installers did not do their job right – water will pool in certain areas on the deck’s surface. Three is the worse case scenario. Excess water first will pool, then gravity takes over. It will seep into the deck coating itself and pool underneath the concrete – on the plywood substrate. 

Damp Deck – Scare

Water seepage is bad! For one thing, you often have no idea that you have water underneath your deck coating. Second, it begins to rot away at the wood structure. Thus, a damp deck or worse – dry rot!  

Damp Deck – Solution

damp deck _ final The above situations are what we see all the time at Prestige Decking. Those with a damp deck are not without hope. Not only do we install deck coatings with up to  a ten year warranty, but we are experts are deck repair. We can repair dry rot sections, do full plywood resheeting, and even perform structural repair. Our services also extend to rust repair, drain and flashing removal and installation. 

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